Does your little one love teddy bears? Then a crafty teddy bear party is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday.

There are loads of ways to incorporate these adorable cuddly toys into your party food, games and activities—and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Read on for three fun activity suggestions, as well as tips on keeping the price low. Get it right, and your child's party will be the talk of the classroom on Monday.

Make teddy bear parachutes

For this activity, every child at the party will need their own bear. Either add a note to your invitations asking them to bring one along or pick up some affordable teddy bears in bulk by contacting a soft toy distributor. Create a basic parachute for each child by cutting out a large square of fabric and attaching string to each corner. Then, provide stickers, fabric pens, and embellishments so that everyone can personalize their parachute.

Next, have the kids assemble in the garden while an adult drops the adventurous teddies from a top floor window. Give a score to each according to design, descent time and aerodynamics, and give out prizes to the winners—teddy bear medals are a fun option.

Decorate your own teddy bear biscuits

Party food is everyone's favorite part of a birthday, and it's even more fun when everyone can get involved. Bake teddy-bear–shaped cookies and set up a decorating table. You should include bowls of white icing, colored writing icing in tubes, colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips, sweets and dried fruit. Let each child decorate their own biscuit, and give out prizes for the best designs. You could even set special challenges, like, "Design a pirate teddy," or "Make a princess teddy bear." Kids love to be recognized, so be sure to praise every biscuit, not just the winners.

Put on a teddy bear catwalk

This activity is ideal if you have lots of old baby clothes, dolls clothes, or dressing up clothes. Let kids rummage through to create outfits for their bears, and then hold a teddy bear catwalk. Build a makeshift stage using metallic paper, a large cardboard box, and a lamp to double as a spotlight. Put on music and let kids parade their glammed-up teddies for everyone to see. If you've got supplies left over from parachute decorating, let the kids use these to embellish the clothes they're using.

Teddy bear birthday parties are so much fun and are really easy to organize. Make your child's birthday special by planning one just for them.