This article will explore some of the classic wooden toys which can be purchased from a wholesaler. Read on and prepare to be inspired.

Times table box

A wooden times table box is a great way of introducing older kids to numbers and multiplication. The box contains wooden pieces which each have a multiplication question on them. When your child flips the wooden square over, the answer is revealed.

Pull along animal toy

 A wooden pull along toy is a great way of helping your child learn to walk. As your child uses their hands to pull the animal from place to place, they will develop their motor skills.

Ride-on toys

A wooden ride-on toy is a good way to introduce toddlers to the concept of play. These toys allow them to explore their physical abilities and learn how to use their legs to propel themselves while sitting on the toy.


A wooden block is a great way of developing your child's skills in building and construction. These blocks allow your toddler to practice their fine motor skills as they build up their creations.

Alphabet puzzle

As a toddler your child will need to practice their alphabet, so a wooden alphabet puzzle is a great way to introduce them to the concept of learning their letters. Your child can learn their letters as they go.

Ring stacker

 A wooden stacker toy is a great gift for any toddler. A wooden ring stacker can encourage a young toddler to interact with their surroundings. This toy allows a toddler to develop their fine motor skills as they place each painted hoop on the wooden stake. It's also a good pre-schooler toy for introducing children to the concept of play. The ring stacker makes it easier for toddlers to build a tower by stacking the rings on top of each other.


A wooden dollhouse is a great way to introduce a toddler to the concept of play. Dolls, furniture and accessories can be placed inside the house. Children can then act out different stories using the dolls and the accessories. 

Train set

A wooden train set is a great way of encouraging a child to learn the concept of cause and effect. The train set has a track that you can build yourself or buy pre-cut for children to lay on the floor.

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